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Media Application Information

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Application Format

In-game name *

Age *

Timezone *

What country/region do you live in? *

Do you have Discord and a working microphone? *

Discord ID Name? *

What is your current subscriber count? *

What are your average views per video? *

List the two videos you have recorded of the server here *

Place the link to your channel here *

LegacyPVP Media Application Rules & Requirements
Last updated: 24 / 09 / 19
Server IP address:



Media applications opened on the 24/09/2019. They will remain open indefinitely.
You can only post 1 application every 2 weeks (14 days).

Application trolling:
This is strictly forbidden as it wastes staff's time and your own.
Creating a troll application will result in forums punishment.
Will result in an automatic denial.

Must be active and lively around the server and discord.
Must have a working microphone.
Must be able to record at least x2 videos per week with a length of 5 minutes each.
Must have a minimum of 500+ subscribers for the YouTuber rank, and a minimum of 1,000+ subscribers for Famous rank.
Must have a minimum of 200+ views per video for YouTuber rank, and a minimum of 500+ views per video for Famous rank.
Must have uploaded at least x2 videos showcasing the server.
Must include the server IP address in the video(s), as well as the invite link to the server's discord.


We do not recommend applying if you do not reach all the requirements above.
Do not apply if you are purely interested in the status that comes with having the YouTuber / Famous tag. The position is a lot more than the tag, and you will struggle to cope with the responsibilities if you only care about the tag.
Don’t be afraid to ask the staff team questions regarding the application process, but do not ask us to look at your app.

This page will be updated as requirements are added/changed, so we recommend that you check back regularly if you plan on applying for media.

Please note, the staff management team may choose to recruit players privately without the requirement of an application and/or interview.

Good Luck!
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Make sure that you have read the * Requirements * before applying for a media position (YouTuber / Famous).
Keep in mind that in order to be able and apply for one of the media positions, you must have recorded x2 videos of the server.
YouTuber rank - 500+ subscribers / 200+ average views per video.
Famous rank - 1000+ subscribers / 500+ average views per video.
For further details, please DM any Staff member on LegacyPvP.

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